300 Points Per Entry
Entry points must be received within 7 days of sign up. If points are not received within 7 days of sign up you will automatically be deleted from the pool. Additional points due for knockout rebuys points must be received by the end of week 4, Monday October 2nd. or you will be deleted from knockout pool
The True Handicapping Football Pool 2017 NFLpick4 Sea8son
3 Pools In One, NFLpick4, Quarters & Knockout with 2 entries

Three Great Football Pools In One including playoffs
and Super Bowl for 21 weeks of Football Fun. Plenty of chances to win. 
Get in the game for Bragging rights or side bets with Family and Friends

NOTE: You must sign up for NFLpick4 to be in all 3 pools you cannot sign up for just one pool including (optional) CARRYOVER POOL.

Pool # 1 "NFLpick4" - How it works.

Every Week You Pick 4 Teams to win with the point spreads which are listed every Thursday on email picks page for each week of the entire 2017 NFL season, starting with week number # 1 to 21 (All playoff games including Super Bowl LI (51).
Each of the 4 teams you pick with spread has a point value:
1st  pick is worth 7 points.
2nd pick is worth 4 points.
3rd  pick is worth 2 points.
4th  pick is worth 1 point.

Plus what's called your  BONUS PICK which will convert your regular weekly 7 point pick to 10 points ONCE every 4 weeks which is called a Quarter.

Objective: Combined point total for entire season weeks 1 through 21. Highest point total wins NFLpick4 pool point prize up to 5 th place... See Rules & Prize Points Button.

Pool # 2 NFLpick4 "Quarters" is a Continuation of Pool # 1

Quarter Point Prize: Total points every 4 weeks , Called Quarters are as follows:
Weeks 1 to 4     > 1st.  Quarter.
Weeks 5 to 8     > 2nd. Quarter.
Weeks 9 to 12   > 3rd.  Quarter.
Weeks 13 to 16 > 4th.  Quarter.
* Weeks 17 to 21 > 5th.  Quarter. *(5 week Quarter, includes all playoff games and Super Bowl LII (52)

Objective: Most Points for each Quarter (every 4 weeks) of the NFLpick4. You win Quarter pool point prize for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  See Rules & Prize Points Button for more information or past results.

Note: Quarters keeps all players alive throughout NFLpick4 season even though you may be behind the total combined point leaders for the season.

Pool # 3 " KNOCKOUT "

1. When you sign you get 2 Knockout entries.
Important  You have the OPTION,  on sign up page, to add up to 6 additional KNOCKOUT entries giving you a maximum total of 8 knockouts. Additional Knockout entries Must be added before the start of week # 1.

2. KNOCKOUT ENTRIES, Each week you pick a team to win Outright without point spread for each KNOCKOUT entry you have.

3. Each week you must pick a team for ALL your Knockout entries.  If you want, you can pick the same team for all your entries or mix it up if you want.
Note: you cannot pick the same team again for that individual Knockout entry for the rest of the the NFL regular season.

Example (4 knockouts): Knockout #1A you take Denver, Knockout #2B you take Dallas, Knockout #3C you take NYG, Knockout 4D you take NYG again . The following week you like NYGiants again.  You can use NYGiants for Knockout # 1A and 2B, but NOT for your Knockout # 3C or 4D because you already used NYGiants for those slots in the previous week.

4. If the teams you picked wins, you advance to the next week to pick again.

5. WEEKS 1,2 & 3 ONLY>  If the team or teams you picked lose, you have the option to Rebuy the team that lost back in for another 25 points per losing team.  If you decide to Rebuy back in you CANNOT pick the same team you lost with again for that entry.  NOTE: If in any of the first 3 weeks your team lost and you decide NOT to rebuy, that knockout entry is KNOCKED OUT.

6. From Week # 4  to Week # 17  if your KNOCKOUT team lost, that Knockout entry is KNOCKED OUT of the pool.

Objective: Process of elimination. Be one of the last players Standing with a Knockout team still remaining, and win pool point prize, Season 7 point prize was 21400 points. See Rules & Prize Points Button for more information. You can also check PAST RESULTS button for previous seasons winners.

Don't be intimidated its real easy.  Any Questions just email me NFLpick4@aol.com I will always get back to you, Always.

Note: > Game being played on Thursday Sept 7, 2017 will not be used) in a attempt to sign up more players.

Pool # 4 Optional Go to " FOOTBALL CARRYOVER"  Page for rules.

Pool # 5 Optional Go to "SUPERBOWL BOXES "  Page for rules.

Pool # 6 Optional  Go to "SUPER KNOCKOUT" Page for rules.

Ok what are you waiting for click here   NFL SIGN UP  and get in the game for a football season full of Fun and Excitement.
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Please do not come to my home with points
if you use PayPal send your points to Bulldogluwie@aol.com or Mail your points to address listed on email sent to you within 36 hours after signed up. Please save address.