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No Matter Who You Are No EXCEPITONS
Points must be received in full by
Saturday January 20, 2018  or your Alias will be removed from box and box will be made available to other players. 

Accumulative Quarters / Last Digit Method The numbers drawn for Super Bowl Pool represent the accumulative last digit of the score of each team at the end of each quarter and final score. 1st. Example> End of 1st quarter Score is Packers 14 - Steelers 0, the winner would be the person who has the box / square which intersect on the grid Packers 4 and Steelers 0 would win.

2nd. Example> End of 2nd quarter (half time) score is now Packers 21 - Steelers 17, the winner would be the person who has the box / square which intersect on the grid Packers 1 and Steelers 7 would win, the same rules apply for all remaining quarters. Note: 4th quarter, final score will always include any overtime.

Picking of Super Bowl Box Numbers
For the past 7 seasons a person was used and will continue to be used to pick numbered ping pong balls unless a person is not available then a computer random number generator the same that is used in the carryover pool will be used to pick Super bowl box numbers.  Picking of numbers are recorded and shown on youtube and video will be displayed on this page. Details will follow when all Super Bowl box points are received.

NOTE: In some instances players may have sent me an email for the same box number that you picked in which case the earlier time stamped email will get the open box and the other player will hopefully pick another box when informed first choice is taken.

Super Bowl LI (51)
New Point Payout's

1st. Quarter winner 1500 Pts.
4 Satellites around winner 150 Pts. each.

2nd. Quarter winner 2500 Pts.
4 Satellites around half time score 300 Pts. each.

3rd.  Quarter winner 1500 Pts.
4 Satellites around winner 150 Pts. each.

Final Score Winner 5000 Pts.
4 Satellites around final score 300 Pts. each.

Note: Final score will include any overtime score.

Reverse Final Score Winner 500 Pts.
4 Satellites around winner 100 pts.

      Super Bowl L (51)  February 5, 2017

  • 1 Qtr. 1500 pts.> JDUBBYA
  • 2 Qtr. 2500 pts.> EMPTYNEWS
  • 3 Qtr. 1500 pts.> SLICK WILLY
  • 4 Qtr. 5000 pts.> FOOTPAUL
  • Reverse Final Score
  • 4 Qtr. 500 pts.> KAZY LLC

  (Final Score Includes Any Overtime) 
Super Bowl LI Satellites Winners
  • 1. Qtr. 150  pts.>  JFK
  • 1. Qtr. 150  pts.>  FOOTPAUL
  • 1. Qtr. 150  pts.>  ARCTOM
  • 1. Qtr. 150  pts.> JOE CAPPIE

  • 2. Qtr. 300  pts.>  HOT ROD
  • 2. Qtr. 300  pts.>  RICK COWBOYS
  • 2. Qtr. 300  pts.>  CAPTAIN MUNCH
  • 2. Qtr. 300  pts.>  BEERMAN

  • 3. Qtr. 150 pts.>  RATSO RIZZO
  • 3. Qtr. 150 pts.>  BROTHER & ME
  • 3. Qtr. 150 pts.>  JR
  • 3. Qtr. 150 pts.>  SKIP

  • 4. Qtr. 300 pts.>  KDOG
  • 4. Qtr. 300 pts.>  GREEK
  • 4. Qtr. 300 pts.>  PUMPKIN RULES
  • 4. Qtr. 300 pts.>  SHEEPDOG

  • Reverse Final Score
  • 4. Qtr. 100 pts.> CACROWN
  • 4. Qtr. 100 pts.> SKIP
  • 4. Qtr. 100 pts.> PERFECT PARTNERS
  • 4. Qtr. 100 pts.> GREEK
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Click Above To See Super Bowl LI (51) Box Numbers Picked by Samantha 
Good and Bad Numbers for Super Bowl Pools

If you're anything like me, you love to make the Super Bowl more interesting than it already may be. One of the most popular ways to do that is to play squares (Boxes), a pool concept that’s common in Bars / Offices and wherever all over the United States.

The basic premise behind squares is to award winners based on the score at the end of each quarter, with the halftime and final scores typically worth the most money. The last digit in each team’s score is what matters. For example, if you have ‘49ers 4, Ravens 0’, and the score at halftime is 49ers 14, Ravens 10, you win that portion of the pot.

You probably have been passed a 10x10 grid this week and asked for a buck or two for each square you’d like to fill in. Once all 100 squares are bought and filled in, the numbers 0 through 9 are drawn and assigned to left column and top row.

Thus, there is no handicapping or skill involved in such pools; your numbers are assigned randomly. Yet, because of how the game of football is scored, certain numbers are more favorable than others — 3s and 7s are good; 2s and 9s, not so much,

So now that probably you have your numbers for Sunday’s ? - ? showdown, we decided to take a closer look at what numbers offer the best chances to win, based on past Super Bowls. The chart below shows the frequency with which each number combination has won over the past 46 NFL championship games. The designated “away” team’s numbers are presented on the vertical axis; the "home" teams run horizontally.

Good Numbers To Draw

A '0' greatly increases your odds of winning. In fact, a square with a '0' for the away team has won 46 times, or an average of once per Super Bowl (or 25.0 percent of all Super Bowl quarters). A square with a '0' for the home team has garnered an even greater number of winners – 55 or (29.9 percent).

Not surprisingly, the second best number to draw is '7'. A '7' with the home team has produced 40 winners (21.7 percent of quarters), while a '7' with the road team has won 37 times (20.1 percent).

3s also win at a solid rate – 27 times for the road team, 29 for the home side.

Winning combinations

The 0-0 combination has occurred 13 times in previous Super Bowls. Ten of those 13 winners occurred at the end of the first quarter.

The 3-0 score ('away' team first) occurred 11 times, and 0-3 happened six times. 7-0 and 0-7 both happened on 10 occasions.

The 7-7 combination has produced seven wins, three of those coming in the first quarter. It's produced just two overall winners, the last coming in Super Bowl XXX in 1996 between the Cowboys and Steelers.

The best final score combinations in the Super Bowl have been 4-7 and 0-7—and remember, the final score usually carries the biggest payoff. Both of these combinations have occurred three separate times. Super Bowl XLII between the Giants and Patriots ended in a 17-14 thriller, marking the last time one of these combinations happened.

Bad Numbers to Draw

Some numbers, conversely, have miniscule success rates. Only once out of 184 quarters has the away team won with an '8'. That occurred in 1995 during Super Bowl XXIX when the Chargers found themselves on the short end of a 42-18 score at the end of the third quarter against the 49ers. The home team has produced eight winners overall with an '8'.

Another number that does not produce many winners is '2'. Between the home and away teams, that digit has won only nine total times our of 184 quarters. The number '5' has produced just 10 winners between the home and away teams.

Are you feeling like you have little chance because you drew an '8'? Well, this may make you feel a little better: In the 49ers’ five previous Super Bowl appearances, an '8' has hit five times. But there have been only nine 8s to hit in Super Bowl history.

So, sure, there’s no skill or handicapping involved in winning a squares pool. But you now have a better idea if you’ll be eating a hot dog or a filet on Sunday Night.

Brief History of the Super Bowl:

In 1961 the AFL and NFL agreed to merge together to create one "Super League" called the NFL. In this agreement between the AFL and the NFL they arranged to begin playing a championship game between two conferences the AFC and NFC after the 1966 season.

Originally the Championship game was named the AFL - NFL Championship, but it was soon nicknamed the Super Bowl. According to one story, one NFL team owner, Lamar Hunt, architect of the AFL and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, thought the formal title was... well, too formal. Lamar came up with the new name while watching his daughter play with a super ball and was given the inspiration for the name "Super Bowl" for the championship game between the upstart American Football League and the old-guard National Football League. The truth is probably more mundane and the name was most likely created by a sportswriter who invented the tag. As is apt to happen the name "Super Bowl" was immediately picked up by the rest of the NFL community and then finally by the NFL.

Since the AFL and NFL merger, the Super Bowl has been the NFL Championship Game, played between the NFC and AFC champions, who first have to make the playoffs then emerge as the conference champions from those playoff games.

The Superbowl is the climax of the season, but unfortunately the Super Bowl has all too often been anti-climactic. Surprisingly the average margin of victory has been about 14 points. The 14 point Superbowl victory margin is well above the average for a regular - season NFL game. Historically the conference championship games have been more interesting to watch as the games are far more competitive.

Nevertheless, the Super Bowl game has become the major national sporting event. After weeks of intensive media hype, the Superbowl draws millions of television viewers both casual and hardcore fans. The number of Super Bowl parties is probably surpassed only by the number of New Years Eve parties. Many of the celebrants do not even have any interest in the NFL or the Super Bowl game itself. The NFL has done a masterful job in promoting this event over the years which is clearly evident given the above facts.

The Super Bowl is the perennial television ratings leader among all televised sports events. Not only that but it is always on the list of the fifty top - rated TV broadcasts, the game appears twenty times.

The first Super Bowl, though, between the NFL's Green Bay Packers and the AFL's Kansas City Chiefs, wasn't so eagerly anticipated. With Green Bay's perennial dominance the only question seemed to be was how large would Green Bay's margin of victory be. Even though the tickets cost only $12, the game still wasn't a sellout.

Super Bowl I was the first Super Bowl, the championship of American football. The game was played on January 15, 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Not surprisingly the Packers won Super Bowl I (1), 35-10, and then they also went on to win Super Bowl II (2), 33-14 over the Oakland Raiders. It wasn't until Joe Namath guaranteed victory for the AFL's underdog New York Jets in Super Bowl III (3) that interest began to rise after Joe Namath delivered his promise, a 16-7 win over the Baltimore Colts.

Kansas City's win in Super Bowl IV (4) evened the series between the AFL and NFL and started to fuel a rivalry between the conferences. After the merger, the AFC won nine of the next eleven. That record is a little misleading though, as five former NFL teams accounted for five of the eleven victories. Since Super Bowl XVI (16), after the 1981 season, the NFC won fifteen of sixteen games and thirteen in a row before the Denver Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII (32).

As a result of the playoff system and the Super Bowl, the NFL season now stretches from one year into the next, which can be mildly confusing for the average fan. The team that wins the 2005 Super Bowl, for example, will be crowned the 2004 NFL champions.

There was enough confusion that the NFL decided to have the Super Bowl referred to by Roman numerals rather than by the year in which it's played. This problem may seem insignificant when compared with the problem our future generations will have to face deciphering such monstrosities as Super Bowl DXXLVIII.

Since Super Bowl V, in 1971, the trophy presented to the Super Bowl winning team has been known as the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Vince Lombardi was a legendary man who coached the Green Bay Packers to the first two Super Bowl championships (Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II). The NFL decided to name their most prestigious team award after Vince Lombardi following his death in September of 1970.
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Future Super Bowl Locations
2/3/2019 Super Bowl LIII (53): Mercedes-Benz Staduim, Atlanta, GA
2/2/2020 Super Bowl LIV (54): New Miami Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
2/7/2021 Super Bowl LV (55): Rams New Stadium, Inglewood, CA
2/6/2022 Super Bowl LVI (56): TBD
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